Doubling Down in Difficult Times: Practitioner Perspectives

July 8, 2021 @ 8:30AM — 10:00AM Pacific Time (US & Canada)

Doubling Down in Difficult Times: Practitioner Perspectives image

Join us as we talk with leading peace workers in Israel Palestine about the crisis of the past months

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NewGround will be in conversation with bridge-builders in Israel Palestine who are holding grief and finding a way forward from the recent violence. Together, we will explore which tools and approaches are working for them right now, and which ones aren’t. How do they ensure that people can hear one another in all their complexity? How do they create change, one step at a time? And how can we, as an American audience of Muslims, Jews, and allies best support their work?

  • Ali Abu Awwad founded Taygheer in 2016, a movement of grassroots communities practicing nonviolence as a unifying identity for the Palestinian people.
  • Huda Abuarquob is the first on-the-ground regional director of the Alliance for Middle East Peace (ALLMEP), a network of more than 100 civil society organizations working in conflict transformation, development, and coexistence in the Middle East among Palestinians, Israelis, Arabs, and Jews.
  • Rav Hanan Schlesinger co-founded Roots in 2014, an organization focused on bringing local communities of Israelis and Palestinians together in dialogue. He currently serves as Director of International Relations, and also founded American Friends of Roots, through which he travels the US to promote Roots' work.
  • Leah Solomon is the Chief Education Officer of Encounter, which brings American Jewish leaders to the West Bank to learn from Palestinian civil society and business leaders, negotiators and grassroots activists, to consider the implications of a shared future for Israelis and Palestinians.

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